hey bbls

I'm still alive, I'm staying at a friends now and they don't have wifi so :\

I miss you guys , hope everything is okay.

await my return!!
joongki's ITS GODZILLA !!111!!

It's Shauna's birthday but Not Laila's

Some of you might be confused but I'm just going to copy pasta this from a previous entry..

oh btw, there are two people who use this livejournal account , me (Laila) and the original owner (Shauna) , I am the one who comments in communities , journals , and Private Messages MOST OF THE TIME.Shauna usually just pops in and posts a Journal or two , Like the fanfictions. If it is well written and long , it is not me xD... so as you can see , Shauna hasn't wrote anything for a while now
Hope that doesn't bother you but this was the only way Omona would have accepted my poor soul ^^

I am the one on arama and omona all the time so yeah , most private messages are meant for me but if you want to send her one go ahead , I'll probabaly read it and go "NUGU!?" and leave it alone till she answers it LOL , I am super grateful for her kindness! :D
but she hasn't been on here for a while... I WORRY 4 HERE.

but anyways besides all that stuff.

this will proabably be awkward if you reply because it will look like we are talking to ourselves but W/E

My birthday is EXACTLY one month apart from hers so is on September 21 , of course I am blessed to be born in the same month as Joongki  ಥ◡ಥ



Hi guys!! long time no talk haha , well i just wanted to let you guys know of the results I got and stuff and hopefully from now on i shall only update with happy thoughts xD.

So lets get on with the test results. Collapse )

My health is ...

and I am so fucking scared. The doctors still don't know whats wrong with my kidney. They want me to take a CAT scan, I am so fucking scared. The medical bills are pilling up and my father isn't being quite helpful about it. I just feel like he's doing enough for me , his daughter and number 1 investment. I hate anything that has to do with radiology , is scares the fuck out of me. I just had a stress attack and throwed up nothing. absolutely nothing , I feel like i was trying to expel my stomach from my body. I feel like I am going to faint every time I stand up. I just want to go back to being healthy .. I used to literally feel invincible ...

I'm sorry I didnt mean to make you feel bad with my sob story or anything , its just i felt like I need to tall this to someone , but theres is no one i can tell. I can't tell my best friend. She lost her mother just a couple years ago to cancer , I can't freak her out , she already is scared over me.

you can ignore this, i wont hold it against anyone
sleezy hyde


I was so close to not making this post. Why? Because 4 days ago , youtube was filled with tons of good quality l'arc en ciel vids and now i go check , sony music japan took off soooo many. I consider myself lucky to find what i found on whats left on youtbe, i wont be surprised if tomorrow all these videos i posted from youtube are no longer working. sucks for me cuz i dont have all the pvs downloaded. well anyways ...

Hopefully this post will involve into a L'arc~en~ciel pimp post. I think I got all the videos but if not just let me know. They are not in any order. I'll come back tomorrow and put them in order and give some info about each one , right now I just really want to sleep.

oh and this is dedicated to arieo

edit 1: replaced all the nonworking ones , they should all be working now
edit 2: got my hands on most of the pvs , will upload myself to better websites :)

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